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What we have done is take the hard work out of finding the right loan to suit your financing requirements. With so many reputable lenders available in South Africa, finding the one that best caters for your financial needs might take longer than you would like. If you need a loan fast, simply use our loan comparison website to find the right loan within minutes.

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How to compare different loan types and lenders

The finance industry is a lucrative industry, and thus lenders offer attractive loans and other financial services, and products to attract consumers. By comparing loans, services and products from various lenders, you can have a fairly good idea of which lender is able to offer you a solution that is tailor-made, fits your budget and your lifestyle.

The loan type that you are applying for will determine the requirements, application process, repayment terms and more. As a result, it is important to know which loan type is designed for the financing you require.

Payday loans, for example, have only a few requirements, and often do not require a credit check whereas a home loan requires a much more detailed application process and a lot more paperwork. Applying for the correct loan type helps speed up the process of having your loan approved and the cash transferred into your bank account.

Credit cards offer a host of benefits, which are designed to benefit consumers that might for example travel often, make large purchases, shop online and alike. A loan comparison site helps you navigate your way through the benefits and features of all credit card products to ensure you are choosing an option that is suited to your lifestyle.

Different loan and credit options available

Our comprehensive loan comparison site includes all loan types from short term, personal, business, debt consolidation loans to payday and other fast loan types.

Simply browse through all our lenders, choose one that suits your needs and apply online. It’s financing made simple.

Quick online loan application, processing & approval

Want Loans provides a platform that does not only allow you to browse through the most reputable lenders in SA, and easily compare all benefits and features – but consumers can apply directly online and have their loan approved within minutes, depending on the loan type. 

It gives you the convenience of applying for a loan at any time. With quick online loan processing, you could have you loan approved and the cash you need on the same day. There is no reason to wait in long queues, and spend time on an endless amount of paperwork. We have simplified applying for a loan so that you get the financing you need in the quickest time possible.

The importance of responsible lending

Our loan comparison site only deals with reputable lenders in South Africa, safeguarding you, the consumer. Reputable lenders are registered and adheres to South African credit laws and regulations.

Hand-picked credit providers in SA