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About Direct Choice

Direct Choice makes getting cash simple with our personal loan options available to South Africans.

At Direct Choice we make a concerted effort to understand everyone’s financial needs. We have provided personal loans to thousands of applicants every year, to help them get the financial support they need.

Get the cash you need, now!

Our processes are simple and efficient, so you don’t have to wait to get the cash you need, in a hurry.

We are one of South Africa’s most used loan searching provider on the internet today. Our services are completely free to use saving you time and offering unique search services to suit your every need.

Direct Choice’s Services

Direct Choice offers personal loans through our convenient search site facility.

Our online platform allows clients to easily and efficiently find a personal loan which meets their needs, and works within their repayment budget capabilities. To get your loan, simply follow the process on our site, and get instant access to a list of providers who will be able to match your loan requirements. Get cash and pay off over a maximum of 6 years!

Easy personal loans from Direct Choice!

Getting a personal loan has never been easier, with Direct Choice, you get all the information you need on one platform.

You simply choose the option that best suits you. Direct Choice offers our clients the choice when it comes to getting a personal loan and more.

Summary of Services

  • Affordable personal loans
  • Short-term loans
  • Loan comparison
  • Loan finding service
  • Insurance products
  • Personal loans
  • Life Insurance options

Pay off your debts, put down a deposit on a car, or renovate your home

Making use of our convenient search site is completely free to South African clients. We understand the financial needs of our clients.

We have a list of preferred lending partners on our database, which allow clients to get instant access to lenders to match their loan requirements. The cash you get can be used for whatever you like.

Why not take a well-deserved holiday with your family?

Our lending partners offer clients affordable personal loans of up to the maximum of what you can afford to pay back in premiums. Your premiums will be worked out in a contract for you, and will never exceed what you can comfortably afford to pay back. Simply provide the detailed information needed online through our website, and let us do the rest. We source through our lenders to match you with the loan and lender that fits your profile and amount of cash needed. At all times your personal information remains safe and confidential.

Get your cash within short time frames, depending on the lender, and start paying off your loan over the agreed time frames. Get your personal loan faster and more conveniently than ever before. Don’t waste time trying to find the right lender, when we can do all the searching for you.

 Contact Details

108 De Waal Road, Diep River, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7800, South Africa
Ph: 0860 111 542 / 0860 111 510

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